The Care and Maintenance of Swimming Pools

Maintaining your pool is very simple given the proper tools and chemicals. You will need a pump and filter system, vacuum, skimmer, chemicals and chemical testing system. The size of your pump and filter system will depend on the size of your pool.

It is very important to have good circulation and filtration as this is what gets your chemicals spread evenly throughout your entire pool and also filters out dirt and debris.

I good vacuum for your pool hooks right up to your pump and filter system and allows you to filter specific areas of your pool. It is important to do the sides of your pool as well as the pool floor.

Make sure your skimmer is a very fine net and use it to rid your pool surface of debris. This can be done from inside the pool with the skimmer in your hand or you can use and extendable pole that will allow you to reach the entire surface of the pool from outside the pool. You should also have a skimmer or two hooked up to your pump and filter system that will draw debris to it and dispose of it through your filter.

Any body of water after sitting for too long will accumulate bacteria and algae. You can prevent this with the additive of some basic pool chemicals. You will need some chlorine and something to disperse the chemical. You should be careful when handling chlorine as it can cause injury to yourself. Always refer to the manufactures’ instructions on how to safely add chlorine to your pool. It is important to check the level of chlorine in your pool frequently so as to keep your clean and also not harm the swimmers. Again you can consult the manufacture for the proper level for you pool. Testing your pool is simple with the right testing equipment you will know the exact level of chlorine. If the chlorine is low simply add some more. If the level is high, there are a couple of different things you can do. You can add water to the pool to bring it down. You can wait and let it go down naturally or you can add more Ph to your pool. The easiest way is to let the level go down naturally. This usually only takes a day or and you don’t have to add any more chemicals.

Now that your pool is clean and running smooth I would recommend a pool cover to help you keep it that way. There are many benefits to pool covers.

They keep dirt and debris out of your pool which helps you and your equipment. It also keeps the water warmer so your heating bill will be lower. The most important thing that a pool cover does is keep unwanted animals and small children from getting in the pool when there is no one to keep an eye on them.