Some Work Needed to Be Done on Our House to Get It Sale Ready

I really wanted to move out of my neighborhood, but I knew that it would take some work on my part to do so. Some of the houses in the area go for a lot of money, but my husband and I did not do a good job of keeping up with home maintenence on our home. The other homes looked fantastic, so they were easy to sell. I knew that our place needed some great work. I needed a Sussex painter to come over and do both the inside and outside of our home. I also needed to hire some people to work on the landscaping, driveway and our roof. I figured that I would have someone come over one at a time to do the work little by little.

I had been looking online at a bunch of different paint colors because I was not sure of what I wanted in the way of colors. I loved the house next door to ours, but you can’t paint your home the exact same as your next door neighbor. So, I began searching through websites to see if I could find something that I would like just as well. I felt like it was hard to really judge things from pictures. So, I ended up driving to the really nice part of town and getting ideas from the houses located there. I ended up finding exactly what I wanted.

I hired someone rather quickly to do the work. I had found his site online and saw that he has quite a few really good reviews. He came over and did the outside of our home really quickly with his employees. He did an excellent job. When he was done with that, I showed him a small piece of material that I had held onto for years, and asked if he could match the tones in it for painting inside. He did a good job with that as well.