Living Room Makeovers

The living room is one of the most multi-functional rooms in our home. It’s an entertainment center, a playroom, a home theatre, a library, a study hall, an office and so much more. We spend so much time there yet don’t often give it much thought. You may think your living room is perfect-just the right mix of comfort and functionality-but is it really? Give it a really good look and consider whether a makeover might be in order. Here are some things to consider.

 Is your furniture more than 10 years old? Are the cushions sagging? Springs busted? Time to invest in some new pieces from your favorite quality contemporary furniture store. Old worn out furniture doesn’t look good and it doesn’t feel good. It’s not able to give our bodies the support they need.

 Is your furniture too big? If you have a large sofa and large chairs all bumping up against each other, you may want to downscale. Furniture should enhance a room, not take it over. Choose pieces that fit the scale of the room while allowing plenty of space to move around. The light and airy look it will give you will completely open up your room and make it seem brand new!

 Finally, consider replacing old wall to wall carpeting with hardwood or laminate floors and a gorgeous area rug. Carpeting quickly wears and looks bad, and it holds in dust and dander, which can adversely affect people with allergies and asthma. Hardwood and laminate floors are definitely the way to go!